Kristin Chenoweth: For The Girls

Kristin Chenoweth: For The Girls

SYNOPSIS: Kristin Chenoweth will bring her powerhouse voice and her emotionally charged interpretations as she performs a series of classic hits from her new album, For The Girls, wowing the audience with songs such as “The Way We Were,” “When I Fall in Love,” and “The Man That Got Away” from the beloved artists Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton and Judy Garland.
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(as of Nov 17, 2019) Total Current Gross: $969,894 Highest Weekly Gross: $969,894 (Week Ending Nov 17, 2019)   Average Ticket Price: $101.20 Average % Capacity: 100%


Week Ending Week Number This Week Gross Potential Gross Diff $ Avg Ticket Top Ticket Seats Sold Seats in Theatre Perfs Previews % Cap This Week Diff % cap
Nov 17, 2019 25 $969,894.00 $1,286,768.00 $0.00 $101.20 $473.00 9584 1198 8 0 100.00% 0.00%