CATEGORY: Technical

Liberate Artists Inc
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Job Details


Liberate Artists INC., a dance education movement and live performing arts organization, is seeking a traveling videographer/photographer to join our team.    This position's primary role will include filming dance videos, taking live action photography of dance classes, dancers, and performances, and editing 1-2 minute videos in a short period of time (based on an already established template). This team member will also do very simple editing of photos, larger video editing for other projects (music video filming in Los Angeles and live performance filming in NY), and create wrap-up videos for the conclusion of our experiences and productions. To view samples of the content we will need for videography/photography check out our instagram: . We are an inclusive organization and our videographer/photographer will be supported in continuing our work by telling stories and featuring dancers of all backgrounds.This is really important to us at Liberate Artists INC and the right candidate will recognize the importance of equity and visibility in capturing magical and momentous moments of our dance experiences and performances.    All travel, accommodations, and meals will be provided on top of a day rate. Videographer/photographer must supply their own equipment for smaller filming and we will provide extra staff and equipment (gaffer, camera operator...ect.) for bigger film shots. 

Please send email with resume and cover letter to apply. This position will start in June 2021. 


May 17, 2021 -


$1000 Per Week



Send e-mail to 00000179-1a12-d5d2-af7b-7e1bf7660000...

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