Teaching Artist - The Storytelling Project

Teaching Artist - The Storytelling Project

CATEGORY: Academic/Instructor

Life Jacket Theatre Company
New York, NY 10014


Travis Russ

Job Details


LIFE JACKET THEATRE COMPANY is currently seeking Teaching Artists for our new educational initiative, the Storytelling Project: www.lifejackettheatre.org/storytelling. Flat stipend: $500 per workshop.


We are seeking candidates who are not only exceptional artists but outstanding teachers. These individuals will possess deep levels of expertise and experience in human storytelling as well as in instructional pedagogy. 

We are seeking individuals who can cogently talk about their craft, effectively apply creative and innovative teaching methodologies, and inspire students to grow beyond their self-imposed boundaries, push beyond their limits, and overcome real or perceived stumbling blocks. 

We are recruiting a diverse and multidisciplinary team of teaching artists who are authentic reflections of the diverse communities we serve and can serve as aspirational role models for our students. 


Design, develop, and deliver an innovative curriculum for your contracted workshop(s) based on consultations with Life Jacket’s Artistic Director, Community Engagement Consultant, and Community Partners.

Participate in an in-depth train-the-trainer session designed to deepen and enhance your pedagogical competencies and build relationships with the Life Jacket’s community. 

Give and receive feedback to/from fellow Teaching Artists to improve everyone’s effectiveness in the classroom and ensure we are delivering the highest quality learning experience for our students.

Participate in debriefing sessions after every workshop to help identify how we can continue to improve our educational outreach efforts in the future.


Interested candidates should email their resumes and any relevant teaching materials to info@lifejackettheatre.org. Please use the following subject line: “Teaching Artist Application.” We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to hiring, supporting, and promoting diversity and inclusion — onstage and off. We strongly encourage artists from underrepresented backgrounds to apply including, but not limited to, people of color, LGBTQ+ persons, and individuals with disabilities.



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