Supporting Roles for Artistic Indie Silent Film

Supporting Roles for Artistic Indie Silent Film

CATEGORY: Performer

New York, NY

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Please note job is non-union and payment is deferred!

We are casting three crucial supporting roles for an ambitious, artistic feature. Abdo and Saneya is an international, multicultural film that tells the story an immigrant Egyptian couple struggling to make a life in the US, a modern story told through the lens of a black and white, silent film. The film is non-union but a great chance for the right actors to be part of a unique project with festival aspirations. We are looking for actors who like the adventure of doing something challenging and artistic.


Tina, white, 50s

Dan, white, 50s

Anna, Latina, 30s/40s

Tina and Dan are flawed characters that require actors who can bring a humanity to their antagonism. Tina was once a soft, kind, well-meaning woman, but after she has an accident while pregnant that kills her child and prevents her from ever conceiving again, she becomes bitter, cold, and ruthless. She opens a little restaurant with her husband and it becomes her new child. She is protective of it in an obsessive manner and would go to any lengths to see it doing well. Dan is a kind, passive yet morally ambiguous man. When he and his wife lose their child and are unable to conceive any more children, they open a restaurant together making it their child. Although passive on the outside, he is very protective of his wife's fragile psychology and will go to any lengths to keep her appeased.

Anna is a woman trapped in a loveless marriage, frustrated with her husband's bad habits and struggling to care for herself and her son. She is vulnerable yet persistent, and requires an actress who can play to that duality.


September 26, 2021 - October 2, 2021





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