Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Specialty Acts For "Bock Stock" NYC Festival August 16 (Also Future Projects)

Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Specialty Acts For "Bock Stock" NYC Festival August 16 (Also Future Projects)

CATEGORY: Performer

Bock Around The Clock Productions, LLC
New York, NY 10036

Job Details


Gregory Allan Bock & present: "Bock Stock" NYC - August 16, 2020

-Strong Singers/Dancers/Musicians & Specialty Acts
-grounded, real, gritty, free, experimental - able to soar with or without microphone

Who are willing to:
- Be a part of bringing Broadway Performers, Buskers, Specialty Acts, Live Gig Musicians, The Restaurant Row & Hell’s Kitchen Community together by sharing their talents and letting their voices be heard on West 46th Street, and possibly Central Park & Washington Square Park. (Main Performance is on West 46th Street, Restaurant Row.)
-perform their own “sets” with their own instruments and amplification or without amplification (August 16, 4pm - 7pm)


-perform in a staged “Pop Up Happening” (Our 2 original new songs/1 song from “Hair”) outdoors in NYC (August 16, 7:30 - 8pm)

-rehearse via Zoom (August 13, 7-10pm/flexible)
-rehearse live in studio and/or outdoors, socially distanced w/ proper protocols
(August 14, 5pm -10pm, flexible & finalize August 16, 2pm-5pm)

Will be considered for future projects/management as well.

Our mission is to awaken the soul by creating motivational & inspiring content. (Check out our Broadway World Article!)

Please submit ASAP by Friday August 14
1) Headshot/Resume
2) Two Contrasting Self-Tapes or links - (32 Bars, Up-tempo/Ballad, Pop/Rock, your best YOU)
3) Two Contrasting Name Slates - (“How do you feel right now?”)
4) Website & Social Media Links
5) Pick One Time for ZOOM Group Interview - (Thursday 8/13 @ 6:30pm or Friday 8/14 @ 12:30pm)

We appreciate you & we look forward to meeting you virtually and/or in person soon!

Gregory Allan Bock
Bock Around The Clock Productions


August 14, 2020 - August 16, 2020


Union & Non-Union


Equal Share of Venmo/Cash Tips, small stipend & catered meal



Send e-mail to summerbockstock...

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