SIngers-Actors-Writers for On Line Project

SIngers-Actors-Writers for On Line Project

CATEGORY: Performer

Fustercluck Music Productions
Scarsdale, NY 10583

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Are you a singer/actor or lyricist sitting at home looking for something to do. Why not join us a Fustercluck Music Productions? We seek folks with a sense of humor who can help us decimate Two Thousand and Twenty Years of music! Most of our parodies are political in nature OR somehow relate to Covid.

If you're a singer who just wants some exposure at no cost, all you need is an iPhone or computer or similar device.

You submit any song of your choice: audio and or video and we send you a track to sing to.

If you're a writer, think of a song to parody and send us a lyric. We'll provide the track. We do retain the right to alter your lyrics, but, we'll request your approval first. All submissions should be sent to:

If you are sending a file too big for Gmail, please use It's free! There is no money involved for any of us, but you get to be part of this unique effort to lighten up these dark days.

Check out our Youtube channel:
Or go to our Fustercluck Productions Facebook Page


June 9, 2020 - November 4, 2020



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