Seeking Artists & Performers For Real Estate Positions

Seeking Artists & Performers For Real Estate Positions


Bohemia Realty Group
New York, NY 10026

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What happens when the gig ends? Side gig got you down? Side gig shut down?? Bohemia Realty Group is looking for artists and performers interested in a dual/alternate career in real estate. Over 70% of our agents are working artists that have thriving real estate careers, giving them financial freedom, autonomy, and flexibility of schedule during and in between gigs.    You can complete your licensing course to become a real estate professional online. Get licensed today and be a part of a firm that will support your passion while helping you pay the bills. Find out why Bohemia Realty Group is the hustle of choice for performers looking to be their own boss!    Want to put this time to good use? Especially seeking those living or with easy access to Upper Manhattan. Get licensed today and use this time to prepare for your future, laying the groundwork for a whole new career.