QUEEN(S) Feature Film Casting Actors

QUEEN(S) Feature Film Casting Actors

CATEGORY: Performer

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Mineola, NY 11501

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SAG ULB Feature Film "QUEEN(S)" Seeking Actors

Production Company: Peaceful Sage Pictures LLC

Writer/Director: Anup Kurian

Filming Start Date: Approx. 30 days starting 8/16/2021

Audition: Self-Tape audition Request

Talent Compensation for Principal Cast Member is $206 / day per SAG ULB agreement.

Location: New York and Surrounding Tri-State Boroughs.

Accepting both Union and Non-Union submissions. Please be advised under SAG ULB agreement, the production is not entitled to the Taft Hartley process. Therefore, Non-Union talents will be booked as Non-Union.

COVID-19: Production will comply with applicable health and safety laws and regulations per NYC and CDC Guidelines. Actors will be required to comply with Production’s then-applicable COVID-19 protocols, including any advance testing and negative test result requirements. Currently, both Cast & Crew are required to get COVID 19 testing prior to the shoot, regardless of the vaccine status.

The production is looking for New York Local Talents or Talents willing to work as New York local.

Storyline:  A look back of the final few months of a Chinese sex worker, before she commits suicide

The film includes scenes involving staged sex scenes and implied sexual situations, please read the character description and only submit if you are comfortable.

Certain characters also requires specific language skills, kindly note language skill/ability in submission.


[QING ZHOU] East Asian Female, age 21 to 30 years old. A thin/frail looking young woman who is struggling to make money to send to her mother in China. Came to the US as a victim of human trafficking. After a judge forbids her from continuing her work on the street, Qing took on various low-paid jobs to make money. Eventually the pressure from the debt collector forced her to resort back to sex work. Sensitive, observant, and aspiring. The character speaks accented English, and fluent Mandarin Chinese. Talent needs to be comfortable with staged sex scenes (no frontal, back nudity on screen, but during shooting some clothes may need to be removed. Talent can wear pasties and nude color undergarments), and staged sexual positions with a male and/or female scene partner - but no actual explicit physical contact. Talent should also be comfortable smoking a cigarette (no need to inhale or exhale, just have it in the mouth.) Lead. Please note Mandarin Chinese speaking skills in the submission note.

[QING'S ROOMMATE] East Asian Female, age 50 to 80 years old. An elderly woman who shares a room with Qing. Makes a living by collecting and recycling cans on the street. Witty, street smart, and has a wicked sense of humor. Genuinely wants to help Qing live comfortably. The character speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. Strong Support. Please note Chinese speaking ability in submission note.

[JAMES] Caucasian Male, age 50 to 80 years old. A regular client of Qing. However, they never had sex. Only cuddle in bed, as Qing reminds James of his ex-wife. The character physically became disabled as the story progressed. Talent should be able to speak Chinese (or comfortable learning Chinese). 3 scenes. Strong Support. Please note Chinese speaking ability in submission note.

[AVA] Asian / Caucasian Mixed Asian Female, age 20 to 30 years old. James’ daughter, who became James’ caretaker after he became disabled. She is mixed (Caucasian Father and Asian Mother). A gentle, sweet young lady who offers support to Qing. Talent should be able to speak Chinese or willing to learn to speak Chinese. 2 scenes. Day player. Please note Chinese speaking ability in Submission note.

[CAN COLLECTORS] East Asian Male and Female; age 50 to 80 years old. The group of can collectors were introduced to Qing through Qing’s roommate. They enjoyed a night out collecting cans, sharing food and stories. Talent must be able to speak a Chinese dialogue (Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, etc.) 2 scenes. Day Player. Please note Chinese speaking ability in submission note.


August 16, 2021 - September 20, 2021







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