Producing Associate

Producing Associate

CATEGORY: Internship

NCo Creations
Los Angeles, CA

Job Details


NCo Creations, a nonprofit education and production corporation based in LA, is looking for an excited individual to jump aboard our ship! The internship is completely virtual - you can work from anywhere! The responsibilites of this position are:

  1. -Work closely with artistic director and director of edu
  2. -Help manage website and design (You will take ownership of this, how exciting!)
  3. -Help manage and organize events, virtual and live (don't worry, you don't need to live in LA)
  4. -Other design & virtual tasks
  5. -Attend meetings (We want you voice your ideas!)

You will also be able to recieve college credit, gain more skills in producing, and be alongside really creative folks who have a major passion for the arts. We are a very relaxed, fun, & a passonatie team! Learn more about us at 

-Must be enrolled in a college/university and can recieve credit
-Commit 5-10 hours per week (weekly hours vary and will not exceed 10 hours p/w)
-Need access to computer with access to internet
-Familiar and/or eager to learn web design, Adobe Creative Cloud, social media, and production management.
-Eager to learn as we're excited to learn from you! 

How To Apply:
Please use Playbill email address and send a resume along with a short statement including what makes you, you, AND why you want to join the team!  

About NCo Creations
NCo Creations is an educational and performing arts nonprofit dedicated to spotlighting contemporary cultural issues through a combination of theatre, music, film, dance. We help up-and-coming performance artists tell the stories of their personal struggles and provide opportunities to bring those stories to life and share with others. We encourage artists to confront their fears and channel their emotions into their work because these things define us, they connect us, and ultimately, they make us human.


August 6, 2020 -



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