Principle Role in The Big Break Season 1

Principle Role in The Big Break Season 1

CATEGORY: Performer

The Big Break
Huntington Beach, CA 92646


Andy Wallace

Job Details


Each week two actors are chosen to join the Big Break’s repertory of actors. Actors audition via self tapes which are posted to instagram and hashtagged with #bigbreakaudition. If an actor makes it into our top 20 they receive personalized critique from a Screen Actors Guild professional and are featured on our social media accounts, then from the top 20 the two actors are chosen, one by the SAG professional and another by a popular vote! Rehearsals will take place at the end of November and the performance will be in early December with proper precautions for COVID 19 in place.


Week 3 auditions are live. 

They are open until 11:59pm PST Monday night 9/7- then we open up for Week 4 auditions. You can audition as many weeks as you like! Each week offers a different theme. 

The audition must be posted on Instagram #bigbreakaudition

It should be roughly 1 minute long with a proper slate.

Week 3 theme: Shakespeare/Classical 


Big Break is a collaborative theater experience that brings together high school, college, and adult undiscovered actors and playwrights. We will choose eight original short one act plays that will be directed by SAG professionals starring our acting repertory that we will have curated through ten weeks of auditions. 


November 7, 2020 - December 12, 2020