Patron Services Manager

Patron Services Manager

CATEGORY: Administrative

The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture
New York, NY 10012

Job Details


The Patron Services Manager is responsible for the management of all front-of- house activities including Box Office and House Management to ensure exemplary guest experiences and safety. Patron Services Manager will schedule and supervise a large part time staff covering the areas of box office sales, house management, concession, and ushering- the core of the Sheen Center’s patron experience. He or she must ensure that the Sheen Center is able to achieve implementation of exemplary industry-standard box office and front of house operations. Patron Services Manager exercises financial oversight of box office and concession sales and monitors policies and procedures related to cash sales and reconciliation according to established guidelines. The Patron Services Manager must interface effectively with a variety of internal and external constituencies. Internally, these include senior staff, production personnel and Facilities Manager. Externally, the Patron Services Manager interfaces with clients and producers in order to gather critical box office and event information and then guides the implementation of all event and ticketing setup.


October 4, 2021 -





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