Master Carpenter

Master Carpenter

CATEGORY: Technical

CM Performing Arts Center
Oakdale, NY 11769


Joe Naftal

Job Details


The Master Carpenter is responsible for supervising the implementation and execution of designs for Main Stage, Children’s Theatre, Educational Theatre, Rentals, and Special Events. The Technical Director manages the scenery department, including scenery rentals, as well as the build. installation and maintenance of technical elements for all shows and events.

• Collaborate with the Scenic Designer on the scenic drawing package, offer suggestions, and give feedback on what is possible within the theatre’s technical limitations and budgetary outlines.
• Collaborate the Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, and Projections Designer (if applicable) on the ground plan and section to coordinate obstructions, lighting fixture placement, boom placement, set electrics, speaker placement, and projector placement.
• Coordinate the build and load in schedule for scenery, props, and electrics. Collaborate with the Master Electrician on lighting department needs.
• Supervise the scenery implementation (construction, painting, and installation) in accordance with the scenic design.
• Track scenery expenditures to keep within given Production Budget. Submit timely expense reports to Bookkeeper. Seek approval from Executive Director for any unbudgeted expenses.
• Participate in all production meetings.
• Be present at technical rehearsals as necessary to assist with any immediate safety notes as well as assist stage management with organization of scenery and set changes.
• Assist with small facility repairs and maintenance.
• Ensure all scenery and other technical elements meet local, state, and federal fire and safety codes.
• Ensure safe industry and OSHA standards in all shops and performance spaces.
• Other duties as assigned by Executive Director.


May 3, 2021 - December 31, 2021





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