Fun, Creative Kid & Baby Whisperers Wanted!

Fun, Creative Kid & Baby Whisperers Wanted!


New York, NY 10013

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DESCRIPTION is an online marketplace that connects artists, teachers, and kid experts with families for souped-up babysitting, at-home lessons, private camps, parties and more. Whether you are seeking a one-off date night booking or a recurring after school pick up schedule in the fall, we've got a zillion gigs up your alley.

We have TONS of fams on the site and are bringing on new Kid Experts to join the community. Similar to Etsy or Airbnb, you create your profile, set your own rate, market your creative skills & talents and scoop up requests as they fit your schedule. We pride ourselves on being an awesome resource for artists who use the platform not just as a fab side hustle to finance their artistic work, but as a way to incorporate their skills & passions into sessions and get paid to do what they love.

We are are invite only so take a peek at the site and shoot us an email at if you are interested in next steps! In case you see it on the site, there is a $35 fee to cover your background and reference checks but we are waiving his for lovely Playbill folks just FYI.

Hot gig summer, here we come!


June 12, 2021 -





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