Director of Impact/Engagement

Director of Impact/Engagement

CATEGORY: Administrative

Playwrights' Center
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Job Details


Director of Impact/Engagement

40 hours/week - Full-Time

Reports to: Producing Artistic Director

Position Summary: The Director of Impact/Engagement at Playwrights’ Center (PWC) will serve as an integral partner in furthering PWC’s mission through equitable engagement with audiences, artists, staff, students and community. Their focus will be both external (our relationship to community) and internal (our staff and artist working culture) with equal elements of strategy (i.e. ideation) and execution (i.e. creating project timeline/plan and carrying it out). This position operates as an individual role within a larger organizational plan and will work closely with various teams (internally and externally) to move their work forward.

The Center exists with a long-standing duality of both supporting playwrights and theatermakers in a deeply private and hands-on way, but also with a desire to create more inclusion and accessibility for those interested in engaging with this art form.

The Director of Impact/Engagement will lead PWC’s continuing work on anti-racism, equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility throughout the organization. As the Playwrights’ Center expands, this position will help ask and answer what it means for the organization to become a more public-facing entity.  

Ambassadorship & Advocacy (External):

  • Identify opportunities for PWC to serve as a space for intersectional healing, growth, conversation, and community response. Helping to draw connections between PWC’s programs/operations and those with whom we seek to engage, including facilitating conversations with staff, multiple communities and other stakeholders.

  • Prioritize and sustain people-first connections with organizations and individuals in the Creative Enterprise Zone, the Twin Cities, and statewide that provide insight, challenge, and/or uplift the work and mission of PWC.

  • Establish guidelines for mutually beneficial partnerships and events that align with PWC’s values, capacity and resources. This includes strategizing on audience and member development, creating and leading community focused projects, and advising artists and staff on community engagement.

  • As part of our Advocacy efforts, share out “Best Approaches” to the wider artistic community through public conversations/articles/etc, when appropriate.

Culture Building & Space Curation (Internal):
  • Ongoing examination and alignment of the Center’s work with inclusive best approaches from the field and community at-large. Helping to ensure multiple perspectives/identities are considered throughout the organization’s programs, practices, and policies.

  • Create & refine anti-racist, intersectional, and mindful guidelines of engagement that center the needs of BIPOC, LBGTQ+, and artists with disabilities. Serve as the primary liaison and facilitator of our work with our consultants (Equity Quotient).

  • Help to ensure PWC’s physical space (current/new) is accessible, artist-centric, and holds true to the center’s mission and values. Center the idea of “Designed with you in mind” as it relates to the physical space of the center. What are the factors that allow for various identities to feel a sense of belonging, safety, and being able to do their best work? 

  • Partner with the General Manager to strategize and execute plans for greater organization-wide Accessibility, both in our current iteration and in planning/actualization in the new building.

Soft Skills & Qualifications:
  • Comfortable leading new initiatives in an inclusive organization that is excited to move this work forward

  • Ability to motivate people, leverage relationships and move work forward with teams and individuals

  • Ability and commitment to working with diverse groups in terms of gender expression, race, sexual orientation, religion, ability, age, class, and immigrant status

  • Familiarity with theater production, new play development and/or playwriting

  • Excellent communication skills, especially verbal and written

  • Experience maintaining systems for tracking data and communication to show growth metrics in relation to engagement goals

Previous Experience (preferred, but not all are required):
  • Previous experience facilitating conversations [virtual and live] in small and large groups 

  • Previous experience in community organizing and coalition building around a specific group goal

  • Previous experience as an educator and/or teaching artist with adult students

  • Previous experience working in audience development/engagement for a theater or arts organization

The Director of Impact/Engagement is a full-time, 52-week position based in Minneapolis. Salary to low 60’s, DOE. Benefits include health insurance; paid time off for holidays, vacations, and sick days; and an optional IRA plan.

The Playwrights' Center is an equal opportunity employer committed to the perspective of all voices in every aspect of our organization and its practice. We celebrate diversity and strive to create a dynamic work environment that values inclusion, respect and integrity, service, and innovation. We seek to recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and résumé to: and include “Director of Impact/Engagement - PLAYBILL” in the subject line. For more information:

General accessibility information for the Playwrights’ Center can be found at and we are happy to answer other accessibility questions sent to


January 10, 2022 -


low 60s



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