Cease Quiet - Virtual Auditions

Cease Quiet - Virtual Auditions

CATEGORY: Performer

Cease Quiet Productions
New York, NY 10033

Job Details


Casting "Cease Quiet," an original digital play to be performed live at the end of October. Please email for an appointment.

Veteran Vlogger: African American, 35-55 years old, male or female. Supporting role. Monologue heavy. Was once a prime fighting machine. Now a veteran amputee (not required) who still believes in the country that has let them down, doing everything they can to disillusion themselves and others from a reality where vets are used, discarded and left behind.

Spoken Word Artist: African American, 20-55 years old, male . Major supporting role. Monologue heavy. Using his words to explore his past, present and future in the fight for equity and justice of all kinds. A driving force who needs to create to breathe but won't put that breath into anything that can be manipulated. As close to an island as man can be.  

Jane Hererra-Smith: White/Hispanic, 22-40 years old, female. Supporting role. Monologue and dialogue w/ O/S scene partner. Well-kept, powerful machine of a woman in her early 30s with perfect hair, teeth, clothing and body—grew into the type of woman the media has been pushing on young girls. She uses this as armor not to attack, but to weaken others.

Turner Washington: White, 25-45 years old, male. Lead role. Monologue and dialogue w/ O/S scene partner. A face for the newsdesk. Smiles in money, smirks in power, trades in his idea of testosterone. A mind chiseled from viciousness and greed. Fervent ideologue—a knack for turning up the propaganda from subtle on fluff pieces to hellfire and brimstone when ranting about his enemies.


September 13, 2020 - November 10, 2020



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