Barrington Stage 2021 Season - Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 05.14.21)

Barrington Stage 2021 Season - Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 05.14.21)

CATEGORY: Performer

Barrington Stage Company
Pittsfield, MA

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$672/ week (LOA ref. COST)

Artistic Director: Julianne Boyd
Casting: McCorkle Casting. Pat McCorkle (Casting Director) viewing auditions.

Boca by Jessica Provenz
Directed by Julianne Boyd
Rehearsal Begins- 7/6/21
First Preview- 7/30/21
Opening- 8/4/21
Closing- 8/22/21

Sister Sorry by Alec Wilkinson
Directed by Richard Hamburger
Rehearsals Begin - 7/20/21
First Preview- 8/12/21
Opening- 8/18/21
Closing- 8/29/21

Please limit your video submission to 2 minutes maximum. Prepare either a short comedic or dramatic contemporary monologue. This time limit includes your slate (your name, name of play, and character you will be performing). Please upload your video audition to Vimeo and include a link for viewing in your email submission. YouTube links are also acceptable, but Vimeo is strongly preferred. Please DO NOT share via WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or other file sharing platforms.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Equity actors for Barrington Stage Company’s 2021 Season (see breakdown).



Mo / Bruce: 70s, Male, Jewish, Mo: a sunny disposition, sees the world with rose-colored glasses. He is so joyful, he just might break out in song at any moment. Originally from New York, he and his wife Iris are the local pot dealers. He always seems vaguely stoned. Bruce -- a mensch. After his wife died recently, he became a bit of a flashy dresser, enjoying the attention of all the single ladies in the community. An avid golfer, a former Wall Street broker, he likes his gadgets. Actors of all abilities encouraged to submit.

Marty / Rabbi Wolberg: 70s, Male, Jewish, Marty: former New Yorker, obsessed with all things New York, a curmudgeon, a grouch, who sees the glass and the world as half empty and likes to complain about all of it! Divorced for a long time and prefers the company of a cat to a woman -- a cat will put up with him. Rabbi Wolberg: former rabbi who is hard of hearing (which is convenient when he wants to opt out of conversations). Kind and frail, and his confused state makes him easy to underestimate -- but he can rise to occasion. Actors of all abilities encouraged to submit.

Luis / Father Tom: 60s-70s, Male, Latino, Luis: Latino, one of the sexiest Boca Bros in the development. An amiable, easy going guy, who keeps in shape and is happy to play second fiddle to his wife, Susan. Father Tom: very tall, a former priest married to Barb, clean cut, and so straight as an arrow, he verges on being a bore. Actors of all abilities encouraged to submit.

Janet/ Louise: 60s-70s, Female, Any Ethnicity. Janet: a Boca Babe, a Jewish, sassy smartass on the hunt for a man after her husband passed. Originally from Brooklyn, she is well-preserved by whatever means necessary (god given or man made). Janet is stylish, her hair is well-coiffed, lipstick and smokey eye make up expertly applied. Louise: a yoga instructor who talks like a yoga instructor in and out of the studio. Despite her excellent posture and the ability to take calming breaths in stressful situations, she is in need of a spiritual awakening. Her husband is deceased, and she is lonely and isolated. Actors of all abilities encouraged to submit.

Elaine/ Barbara: 60s-70s, Female, Any Ethnicity. Elaine: widowed and so lonely she’ll try anything to meet men including being the only female in an all-male golf league. She brings her southern charm and her gift for gab to any situation. Actors of all abilities encouraged to submit. Barbara: Father Tom’s proper, cute-as-a-button wife who could be straight out of the 1950s. She wears matching tennis outfits, has dinner on the table every night by six, and is perky, despite years of sexual repression. Actors of all abilities encouraged to submit.



Sister Sorry: 50-70, Female. Any Ethnicity Independent and with a mordant sense of humor, interested in pushing artistic and personal boundaries. Courted danger as a younger person. Mischievous, wry, droll. A night owl who independently explores the nooks and crannies of New York City. Starts out detached & slightly ‘emotionally distant’ and, in the course of the play, becomes more supple and aware, i.e. a private person with an agile mind who opens up to the audience. Likes to tinker with mathematics and machines. Over the years, her art work has involved machines, tape recorders and "true-life confessions". Tough minded and with an edgy sensibility. She has an astringent streak that humanizes over the course of the play.

Extra Bill: 20-30, Male. Any Ethnicity. A lonely and guarded young man, witty and intelligent, an anonymous caller who finds solace in a confessional phone hotline to a stranger. After the young man confesses to a heinous crime, he and Sister Sorry form a connection and bond despite being total strangers. Actor will also play multiple roles as the other callers of the confessional hotline.


* Framing your shot helps. Please make sure your phone/device is in landscape format and not portrait position.
* Make sure the lighting is sufficient. Non-incandescent, bright white lighting that includes some diffusion (non direct, soft) is best.
* The sound is important. Please make sure if using a reader that YOU are easily heard. An external mic (Lavalier) plugs into your device, is economical and sounds great.
* Your background is clean. Please be aware of what's behind you. A busy or dark background can distract the viewer/listener.
* Keep the slate separate from the actual audition. Slates can be your headshot or your "live" introduction, whichever you prefer.

Please feel free to listen to our podcast (2 episodes, 20 minutes each) on video auditions. The link is here:
Part one
Part two

SEE PREPARATION INFORMATION UNDER "OTHER." Email submissions should be sent to and should include the video link and separate attachments of your headshot and resume. Subject line for emails of submissions should read as follows: FULL ACTOR NAME/BARRINGTON STAGE 2021 EPA SUBMISSION

Deadline: 05/14/2021





LOA $672/ week (LOA ref. COST)