Ain't Too Proud (Tour) - Equity Video Submissions (Principal) (Deadline 05.14.21)

Ain't Too Proud (Tour) - Equity Video Submissions (Principal) (Deadline 05.14.21)

CATEGORY: Performer

Get Ready Tour, LLC
Summit, NJ

Job Details



Short Engagement Touring
$1072 weekly minimum plus overage participation (Category 1)

Producer: Ira Pittelman & Tom Hulce
Exec Producer: Stephen Gabriel, Work Light Prods
General Mgr: Kevin Greene, Work Light Prods
Assoc. General Mgr: Courtney King, Work Light Prods
Director: Des McAnuff
Resident Dir: Brian Harlan Brooks
Book by: Dominique Morisseau
Choreographer: Sergio Trujillo
Assoc. Choreog.: Edgar Godineaux
Broadway Music Director/Music Supr: Kenny Seymour
Tour Music Director: Jonathan Smith
Casting: Tara Rubin Casting (viewing auds Merri Sugarman &/or Kevin Metzger-Timson)

1st Rehearsal: October 18, 2021
1st Performance: December 7, 2021

All auditions leading up to callbacks will be conducted through video. Our goal is to offer both in-person and video callback opportunities for singers and dancers. If we are unable to offer in-person callbacks we will continue to conduct the audition process via video.

Should in-person auditions be offered, all candidates MUST BE fully vaccinated prior to their audition date (ie, 14 days after receiving their 2nd dose).


Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Equity actors for principal roles in AIN'T TOO PROUD tour (see breakdown).

Our goal is to maintain a health-safe auditioning environment for ALL in attendance at any casting session. We will continue to adjust our standard procedures as needed, in order to maximize a health-safe audition environment, while not interrupting or taking away from the creative process.

A NOTE REGARDING SELF-TAPE QUALITY: Please film your audition in front of a clean background, with no backlighting. As much as possible, limit ambient noise including air conditioners and other electronics. We recommend you do not use Bluetooth headphones, as it can sometimes cause a delay in the audio. Use a secondary audio source to play the accompaniment music so that it is audible in the tape.


Seeking the following roles:

OTIS WILLIAMS 30s-40s – Founder and last surviving original member of The Temptations. Never the flashiest performer, but always the rock of the group. A stand-up guy, tough, with a big heart and deep conscience. BARITONE; Strong mover; PRINCIPAL; This character is African American.

DAVID RUFFIN 20s-30s – Lead singer of The Temptations after Al, helped take the group to the top of the charts. As electric on stage as “lightning in a bottle.” Maybe the most charismatic front man in pop music history. LEAD TENOR & strong dancer; PRINCIPAL; This character is African American.

MELVIN FRANKLIN 20s-30s – Loved his Mama. The bass of the group and one of the first members Otis recruited. Nicknamed “Blue” because of his fondness for the color, Melvin was incredibly loyal to the group and, particularly, Otis. BASS & strong dancer; PRINCIPAL; This character is African American.

EDDIE KENDRICKS 20s-30s – Friends with Paul since elementary school, Eddie created most of the group’s vocal arrangements and served as wardrobe manager. Outspoken. Loved cornbread so much, they nicknamed him “Corn.” STRONG FALSETTO & Strong Dancer; PRINCIPAL; This character is African American.

PAUL WILLIAMS 20s-30s – No relation to Otis, Paul was one of the founding members of the Temptations and the group’s resident choreographer. Well-liked and kind, but unable to cope with his own demons. STRONG DANCER; PRINCIPAL; This character is African American.

Prepare one of the songs included at: OR a brief Motown song of your own. Include a full-body slate at the beginning of your video, and only submit an unlisted YouTube (not private) or Vimeo link. Please use this form to submit your audition video and headshot/resume: (Use this form ONLY to submit for principal roles. For chorus parts, use the submission link included in that notice.) DEADLINE FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS IS FRIDAY, MAY 14 AT 6:00PM.

Deadline: 05/14/2021




Short Engagement Touring $1072 weekly minimum plus overage participation (Category 1)