AD: Private Voice Lessons and Counseling in One!

AD: Private Voice Lessons and Counseling in One!

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The Song-Heart Connection
New York, NY


Desiree Maira

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Desiree Maira, voice teacher and certified mental health technician

Originally from South Florida, my career began in New England with a studio teaching singers of all ages.  Now with over ten years private and collegiate teaching experience (University of the Arts, The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Rider University), I have discovered the fundamental connection between vocal expression and somatic healing. Using professional counseling techniques and Voice Lesson By Design, I offer a unique approach to singing that caters solely to the individuality of each singer.  

The Song-Heart Connection and Vocal Studio embraces the singer's personal and professional journey.

In 2020, I became a certified mental health technician through the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists.  This past winter, I began my second masters degree in counseling at Southwestern College/New Earth Institute to practice as a therapist with an emphasis on trauma, grief and renewal.   

 I am joyful to have extensive experience collaborating with:

*singers and dancers performing on Broadway and national tours

*contemporary recording artists

*actors in film and television

*voice over and audio book talent

*university and conservatory musical theater and voice majors

*performing arts middle and high school students


-M.A. in Counseling (Southwestern College and New Earth Institute)*

-M.M. in Opera Performance (The Boston Conservatory at Berklee)

-B.M. in Vocal Performance (Stetson University)

-New York Vocal Coaching Teacher Training Certification

-National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists Mental Health Technician Certification 

-Childhood Psychology Certification 

-Zumba Fitness Certification 

Many teachers conduct voice lessons using a series of preconstructed warmups and vocalises. This is rigid and ineffective, as each singer's vocal journey is unique.  Voice Lesson By Design embraces the individual strengths of the singer, catering to their specific pedagogical needs. Every lesson is different.  Creativity, playfulness, curiosity, humor, exploration, sensitivity and respect are held in a safe container during lessons, acting as fundamental collaborative elements of The Song-Heart Connection and Vocal Studio.

I take pride in working with any person who has suffered emotional and/or vocal trauma due to injury or abuse, such as: 

*vocal pathology: hemorrhage, paralysis, nodules, dysphonia

*vocal modulation: navigating changes in the voice as a result of aging or physiological evolution i.e. menopause, puberty, hormone therapy

*vocal fatigue: overuse of the instrument, swelling, laryngeal strain

*instructor maltreatment: neglectful, aggressive, belittling, condescending, inappropriate, shaming behaviors inflicted upon the singer by mentors

Additional specializations:

*cognitive behavioral therapy techniques

*overcoming performance anxiety

*dramatic interpretation/subtext

*audition preparation


*aural training

*music theory

*song analysis

*foreign language


The Song-Heart Connection offers first rate vocal instruction and somatic experiences by way of vocal expression and storytelling, exercising holistic health through the understanding of:

*vocal technique

*vocal rehabilitation

*musical styles

*guided inner child work

*attachment styles (and how they affect your personal and professional relationships)

*self-care and self-compassion


We all have a story.  And so do the characters in the songs we sing.  Storytelling in singing discharges trauma somatically and offers clarity and healing as we process our feelings through someone else's narration.  With my vast knowledge of repertoire, I offer a service that invites the singer to explore repressed emotions through sung storytelling.  This examination assists a singer in moving from a dysregulated nervous system to healthy, safe regulation.

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June 9, 2021 - June 1, 2025



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