Actors- World Premiere- Jonathan

Actors- World Premiere- Jonathan

CATEGORY: Performer

Moonbox Productions
Cambridge, MA 02138

Job Details


Casting the WORLD PREMIERE of Jonathan- Moonbox Productions

Performing February 19 – March 5, 2022 in the Roberts Studio Theatre at the Calderwood Pavilion, 527 Tremont St., Boston, MA.

Mary ElizaBeth Peters, playwright; Brad Reinking, director; Betsy S. Goldman, dramaturg; Kara Crumrine, Turning the Tide Coordinator; Sharman Altshuler, prod. artistic dir.

 Production Description

Synopsis: It is 10:55 on a Sunday night during the Holiday season at a big box store. Jonathan is a young man with autism trying to learn how to succeed at his first job. The play begins with Jonathan facing the same difficulties as any other retail worker at the end of a long day during the Holidays, only the pressures of this environment have a bigger impact on Jonathan and he is at a breaking point. Wanting to conform to his mother’s hopes, and within the backdrop of family and societal expectations, Jonathan continues to fight for his job – but as the holiday season heats up, his personal aspirations are at odds with the reality of how he is treated. Jonathan must make a choice – can he fight to keep his job or should he move on? Will his employer help him succeed, or get rid of him? Jonathan confronts what Americans really think: about adults with disabilities, about employment, and about the creature comforts of a retail economy.

We strongly encourage performers of all ethnic/ racial/ cultural backgrounds, age ranges, gender identities and expressions, sexualities, and abilities to audition for any role (or roles) that interest them.

JONATHAN GIBBS – A nineteen year old young man with autism. He has overcome
many of his behavioral and verbal disabilities, but he still struggles with some aspects of social interaction. He has a slight “s” stutter that is more pronounced when he is under stress. We are looking to cast an actor with a neurodiverse background who identifies as a person living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, all actors will be considered.

ALICE GIBBS – Jonathan’s mother. She is middle aged, conservative in dress and
manner, and she works very hard to portray a positive attitude towards the world. She is always modeling behavior for her son. Despite his struggles, she is very proud of him.

STEWART SAMUELS – Jonathan’s boss at the Target, the store manager. When
approached about hiring an employee with special needs, he was very supportive. The reality of his job and the demands on productivity, however, make the task of working with Jonathan more difficult than he bargained for. Samuels is a large, physically dominant man.

KARA POWERS – A long-time Target employee. 23 years old. Kara has dreams of
becoming a special education teacher. She knows Jonathan from town. Her little sister is the same age as Jonathan.

PHYLLIS SIMPSON – Appearing in the first and last scene, this woman is over sixty
years old. She has a demanding presence.

ENSEMBLE – Three cast members to play Customers, workers, etc. It is important that these three individuals are culturally diverse representations of a big box store’s population in terms of race, gender and sexuality and the expressions thereof. Each Ensemble member will play many characters.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations
We will have a Zoom reading following casting in either November or December. In person rehearsals begin in early January. Tech begins Feb. 9, 2022; previews begin Feb. 19; runs Feb. 24-March 5 at the Roberts Studio Theater in the BCA Calderwood Pavilion in Cambridge, MA.

All roles are paid. AEA (Guest Artist Tier 2) and Non-Union actors will be considered.
Video Submissions Requested. Either one (1) 90 second monologue or two (2) short contrasting monologues, with a personal introduction which tells us what interests you in the piece.

How to Submit

Please email a link to your video submission (on a platform like YouTube or Vimeo) to Call backs will be in-person in Cambridge, MA on November 1, 2021.
It is Moonbox policy that all actors and staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to the first rehearsal.

Submission Deadline: 10/9/21

Key Details
Seeking talent from:
Boston, MA; Cambridge, MA. We are unable to provide housing or transportation for this production.


For Deaf or HOH artists, if you’d like ASL interpretation, English captioning of your video or have any further questions, please email and we’ll be happy to assist. If you have any other accessibility requests for your audition, please let us know at the same email address. We are eager to make it possible for everyone to share their talent with us.

Moonbox is asking all staff on this production to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Full vaccination must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to any in-person work on this show, and all employees will be asked to provide proof of vaccination.


At Moonbox, we believe that the stories we tell are important. They sustain and preserve our community, our history, and our values. Telling racially diverse stories allows us not only to reflect – but also to reflect on – the complexities of our past. When we join together in the act of storytelling, we are united in ways that transcend the everyday. Together, we can use the power of storytelling to honor our commonalities, celebrate our differences, and address historical discrimination and injustice. We pledge to take this power seriously, and to use our voices and the stories we tell to dismantle the systemic racism and white supremacy engulfing our culture, our country, and our industry.

We believe in creating spaces that reflect the diversity of our shared community, both on and off the stage, where under-represented voices, including BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, and people living with disabilities feel valued and important. We believe that accessibility is a human right. We are devoted to providing performances and work spaces that can be experienced and enjoyed universally, and to incorporating accessibility planning into our production, design, staffing, and budgeting processes from day one. View more on our antiracism plan here:



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