Actor/Writers for Monologue Cabaret Series

Actor/Writers for Monologue Cabaret Series

CATEGORY: Performer

Illuminate Theatre
Albany, NY 12209


Morgan Heyward

Job Details


 Casting Call Illuminate Theatre - Covid Diaries  Performance Date : Tuesday 7PM May 12th via Zoom

Submission Deadline: Tuesday May 5th 

Who should submit: Writers and performers who wish to reflect on stories and experiences related to the global pandemic, Covid-19. 

How to submit:  All submissions must be sent to by Tuesday May 5th. Please state in your email if you have access to a computer, zoom, a quiet,clean space and proper lighting.

Writers- Please submit a monologue between one and two pages inspired by personal stories, news headlines and social media posts. Monologues can cover a number of topics including losing a loved one, being an essential worker, inequalities in care provided, incarcerated youth and individuals being denied care, adapting to a new normal, mental health etc. 

Actors- Please submit a headshot, resume and sample of your work if you have it on film. 

You may submit as both an actor and a writer. 

Illuminate is an Albany based theater series created in 2017 to shine light on actors who have traditionally been left in the shadows, typically actors of color. Now, during this time of global tragedy Illuminate has gone digital in hopes of supporting creativity, community and healing through performance art. Our next installation of Illuminate, Covid Diaries is a reflection on the human experience during a global pandemic. Illuminate in this form will give voice to all people from all backgrounds being affected by Covid-19.

We are also accepting submissions for future productions , please note if you are interested.   


May 5, 2020 - May 12, 2020



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