A Musical Christmas Carol - Equity Video Submissions (Principal) (Deadline: 10.26.21)

A Musical Christmas Carol - Equity Video Submissions (Principal) (Deadline: 10.26.21)

CATEGORY: Performer

Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera
Pittsburgh, PA

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$859 weekly minimum

Viewing auditions :
Scott Evans, Director
McCrae Hardy, Music Director
Mark Fleischer, Executive Producer
Billy Mason, Producing Associate

First Rehearsal: December 8 2021
Opening Dec 17 2021
Closing Dec 23 2021


If you are having trouble creating an unlisted video link, please email auditions@pittsburghclo.org

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Equity actors for principal roles in A MUSICAL CHRISTMAS CAROL (see breakdown).

All stage managerial positions have been filled.


Please visit https://www.pittsburghclo.org/about/clo-auditions for detailed instructions and forms.

Please prepare a short monologue in a RP British dialog, or choose one of the scenes in the link available on our website at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/30kb7y97o1hq1dl/AAAuO-dIkmUnmgNyF-GlXeyqa?dl=0. (If you choose "Peg" please use a cockney dialog instead.). Also include a video of you singing a brief classical musical theater song. Song choices in the vein of “I Could Have Danced All Night” from My Fair Lady or “I am I Don Quixote” from Man of La Mancha are suggested.

You may also choose to sing a song from the music available at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/30kb7y97o1hq1dl/AAAuO-dIkmUnmgNyF-GlXeyqa?dl=0

There will be no understudies cast*

BOB CRATCHIT: Male presenting, 30s or older. Bob is a good-natured and hard-working man, doing his best to stay positive while supporting a large family and working for a very difficult boss. Baritone

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST/Charity Worker: Female presenting, teens and up. The Ghost seems gentle and etherial, but her questioning of Scrooge intentionally causes him to address memories he’d be happier to push aside Mezzo/Sop.

CAROLER/PEG: Female presenting singer who, with a quartet of singers, helps move the story along with song and scenes. Alto/Mezzo

The following roles have been cast:

Ebenezer Scrooge HIGH BARITONE Male, 60’s, hates the world, frosty, miserly. Uncaring, love of money and little else. Disdainful. Also able to play high jollity and care. He slowly reveals the inner Scrooge as he understands what he has missing in his life. A man fighting with change. ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Mrs Cratchit MEZZO SOPRANO Female, 30’s, a strong woman with a heart of gold. She is loving and caring to her family and like a lioness in her protection of them. She can stand her ground, as she does to Scrooge. ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Fred HIGH BARITONE/TENOR, 20’s, bright, cheery, caring. Undeterred by his Uncle Scrooge’s bad humour, he is determined to stay merry and playful to the last. ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Belle SOPRANO, Young Scrooge’s only love. A shopgirl. Caring, thoughtful and slight. Pretty and honest. Wistful, demure, with a ‘heart of gold’. ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Jacob Marley TENOR, 60’s, wiry, gaunt, gloomy, haunted, a messenger of doom. Leaden and weighted down by the world. ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Christmas Present WIDE RANGE BARITONE, tall, jolly, full of life, large voice with the spirit of Christmas surging through every vein. Embodiment of goodwill. All that is bright and cheerful follows him. ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Christmas Yet to Come Non-speaking. Dark, foreboding, tall and malevolent.

Tiny Tim BOY TREBLE, small, weak but still holding on to the joy his family brings him. Pensive and sometimes playful. OFFER PENDING

Fezziwig TENOR, 50’s, generous, fun-loving, rotund and jolly. Caring. The epitome of a good man. Playful. ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Mrs Fezziwig SOPRANO, Late 40’s, the mirror image of her husband in female form. ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Mrs Dilber MEZZO SOPRANO, Late 40’s, large, Scrooge’s housekeeper and laundress. Bold and brassy. Very low character. ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

SEE PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS IN BREAKDOWN. Please email submission. Upload the video to an unlisted (NOT private) YouTube link. Please double-check your permissions to ensure that the link is viewable and does not require a password, invitation, or email login. (A great way to check this: try out the link in an "incognito" window or by emailing it to a friend.) Inaccessible video links will not be viewed or considered.

Deadline: 10/26/2021





RMTA $859 weekly minimum