Broadway Horoscopes: The Many Famous Faces of Gemini

Playbill Horoscopes   Broadway Horoscopes: The Many Famous Faces of Gemini
How many of your Broadway favorites were born under the sign of Gemini?

Sharp-witted, vivacious, creative, and entertaining, there's no other sign guaranteed to liven up any group like a Gemini. Ruled by the planet Mercury (named for the Roman god of communication, travelers, and tricksters), it's no wonder Gemini are the best communicators of the zodiac.

Gemini—like Virgos, Sagittarius, and Pisces—are considered "mutable" signs, meaning that they seldom feel beholden to much of anything (norms, traditions, etc.) and are very flexible in their thinking. Mutable signs are more comfortable than most when it comes to forming new opinions or changing their plans.

Represented as "The Twins," the stereotype of Gemini as being "two-faced" or "indecisive" is a wild mischaracterization of this sign's incredible ability to find common ground with any and every type of person and their nuanced approach to exploring complicated issues and situations. Like their fellow air signs, Gemini are deeply intellectually curious, sharing the forward-looking visions of Aquarians and the love of friendly debate and rich conversational powers of Libras. Few signs are as funny as a Gemini, whose sense of humor ranges from light-hearted to very dark—sometimes even in the same conversation with little warning. This is a sign who lives to keep people on their toes.

We're celebrating the many spirited Gemini theatre artists who've brightened our stages with their trademark creativity and innovative spirits.

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