Artist's Strategy's 'It's All About Who You Know' Event Highlights What You Need to Know About Networking

Playbill Experiences   Artist's Strategy's 'It's All About Who You Know' Event Highlights What You Need to Know About Networking
What to expect from their Playbill Experiences offering April 7.
Artist's Strategy

With the help of Artist’s Strategy, anyone can learn to make the most of networking within the theatre industry. Led by lead consultants Joshua Morgan (Les Misérables, Ain’t Too Proud) and Mike Labbadia, Artist’s Strategy is dedicated to helping actors and other industry professionals build vital relationships and make the most out of their network.

On April 7, Playbill Experiences will offer the opportunity to attend a live event titled "Theatre Industry Networking: It's All About Who You Know." Read below to hear from the Artist's Strategy team about what to expect from the experience.

What can audiences expect from your event?
Attendees can expect an in-depth look at building and maintaining a professional network. Our founder, Joshua, used these exact tools and strategies to book his first Broadway show. It’s all about who you know, and who you know is your responsibility.

What will surprise audiences about this event?
Although networking is not rocket science, most actors have terrible connotations around what they think networking means and are overwhelmed by its seemingly allusive nature. Attendees will be surprised at the clear, tangible way they can grow their professional Rolodex in order to build a supportive community on their pathway to a sustainable career.

How does the virtual element enhance this event?
While the tools and strategies shared at this event are normally presented on a one-on-one basis or in small group format, this is the year of going virtual! This is a unique opportunity to reach Playbill’s wide and diverse audience in order to share our unique work with so many more creatives. The industry has never actually stopped, and our work has helped actors adapt to the changing times over the past 12 months.

Do you ever have any special guests? Tell us about them.
We often bring TV/film and Broadway notables into many of our workshops to talk about their own journeys in relation to all aspects of what our work covers, including actor goal-setting, building a brand, financial management, self producing, and competitive craft improvement.

What would be the ideal drink or snack pairing for this event?
Lord knows this industry is hard enough as is. A good hard liquor of choice is always a friendly companion. Joshua’s personal preference is a margarita...

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